Gas Candle

Gas Candle, New production of Laleh Hamed Wax and Candle Company

We are proud to present our most distinct product, Gas Candle, which has obtained a patent and will be shortly available in stores. Here are some of this product’s unique features:

One of the main concerns of consumers is the change in the appearance of the candle due to the fuel consumption, the form burns away after a while. Electric candles were introduced as a solution. But a flame-shape lamp replacing the actual flame of the candle altered the essence of the candle, the kindled flame. Therefore, it was not welcomed as much by people. We claim that we fixed the problem forever by taking advantage of a new technology in candle making. The paraffin in this candle does not liquefy, and thanks to this fact, the candle keeps its shape intact without dripping tears, and makes it a dripless candle.

Another property of the Gas Candle is that the intensity of the flame can be adjusted as desired. All the other candles in the market has a fixed flame and cannot be changed based on the users need. We give this opportunity to the consumers to adjust the flame based on the situation giving enjoyable moments as the candle burns.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of this product is its clean and soot-free burning properties. Current candles, even in prime condition, create soot after a while, which is harmful both to humans and the environment. The clean soot-free burning of Laleh Hamed Wax and Candle Company‘s new product has been such a success that it has been approved for market release by 184 countries around the world, and soon will be available to consumers.

Another distinctive feature of the Gas Candle version of normal candles in the market is its unlimited lifespan. It can be said with certainty that the lifespan of Laleh Hamed Wax and Candle Company’s new product will last forever. The candle base’s lifespan can be adjusted, and by doing so, this candle will remain usable after several uses. It can be refilled and reused whenever the consumer wishes.

Our product has plenty of other characteristics not mentioned in this text. We are all looking forward to beginning the product’s mass production as soon as possible and delivering it to both domestic and foreign markets so that consumers can use and witness its other features first-hand.